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us Creating a life together is one of the most amazing, fulfilling, and meaningful events in your lives together - doesn't it, therefore, seem natural and appropriate that you birth your baby together?
This is the core of our childbirth education theory. We believe that it is vital for parents to feel fully engaged in and part of their babies' birth! Rather than to just be "delivered" of their baby by a third party. We feel the role of the birth practioner is a very important one: the life-guard and guardian. The role of the parents, in the face of normality, is to labor/work together as they grow their family.

Both Chris & Laura have been through their own journeys to find this same outlook:


In 2007, during my first pregnancy, I discovered that I was carrying twins at 20 weeks along! Up until this point, when asked what kind of birth I wanted - I'd answer "natural." Now, suddenly, I was classified as "high risk" and I was told I could no longer be seen by my midwives. People now asked me when my cesarean was scheduled, instead of what king of birth I wanted. This shocked me; that simply adding a second baby somehow made my body unable to birth my own babies safely. How was this possible?
I began researching multiples and natural childbirth. I found my way to childbirth classes and my husband and I attended and learned how handle labor and how to advocate for ourselves in the hospital. We went on to birth our babies non-medicated and vaginally! The cesarean rate for twins was 75% at the time. I, through education & dedication, was able to beat the odds! I could not have imagined trying to care for two newborns at once while recovering from major surgery.
Since birthing my children I have learned so much! For instance, did you know that the US cesarean rate (singleton) is now 31% and that the cesarean rate of supportive practices (homebirth midwives & some OBs) is 2-5%?! So, my questions was: why the huge discrepancy? I thought, well, they must lose more mothers and babies with that lower percentage, but no, in fact they have better birth outcomes! Discovery after discovery just like these have inspired in my heart a deep passion to make a difference, one mom/couple at a time! I know the truth about birth now. I know the lie our society tells us and I know how to empower people to minimize their risks of becoming that statistic of 1 in every 3.
I do, very much, enjoy helping to empower people to find their own journey on the birth path, but what I really love more than anything else is sharing the absolute JOY and severe BEAUTY of a supported, trusted, and powerful couple in labor, birthing their baby into the world! It is an amazing life-experience that forever changes those who witness or live it! It should never be given away easily, but protected and held sacred. My goal is to help each couple/woman who wants this for her and her baby to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to protect and achieve their best childbirth possible.


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"Only with trust, faith, and support can the woman allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower her."
~Claudia Lowe